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Let’s understand how digital marketing for edtech works.

The process of obtaining the correct leads is time-consuming, and even after you have obtained them, converting them is another storey entirely.

As a result of technological advancements, every element of our life has changed. There are no exceptions or extenuating situations when it comes to schooling.

Education has undergone a fundamental transition as a result of EdTech, also known as education technology, and EdTech has taken over a large portion of the educational system.

Given the changing nature of education, educational institutions’ primary marketing tactics must be altered to reflect this.

Schools and educational institutions have been forced to close as a result of the pandemic and the resulting desire for social division.

It’s also beneficial to education!

Between 2021 and 2028, the global market for educational technology is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9%.

When it comes to educational technology, textbooks are giving way to virtual field trips.

The public, on the other hand, has had a mixed reaction to the change. The time has come to implement internet marketing for educational institutions!

The rapid emergence of educational technology has helped to the rethinking of the educational system by streamlining distance learning and teaching.

Irrespective of whether you already have an educational technology company, here are some tips for digital marketing your business.


Are you seeking ways to promote your Edtech company on the internet?

The advice in this article can assist you in making significant strides forward in your enterprise.

Consequently, make sure to finish reading this post.

The majority of Edtech organisations, like yours, have devised strategies for delivering amazing educational content to children through the use of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and gamification.

As an Edtech company, you may have used technology to assist individuals in their educational endeavours.

Making use of effective business marketing methods will help your startup stand out from the competition and gain traction.

A combination of BYJU’s success in drawing international investors and financial support and the need to extend students’ skill sets in order to boost their employability has prompted some entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into Edtech companies.

Establishing a positive reputation in order to lower acquisition costs and produce revenue for your company may appear to be a difficult task.

Marketing, on the other hand, has the potential to have substantial ramifications on the situation.

To sell your course, all that is required is the identification and persuading of your target market.

However, regardless of the marketing method employed, understanding the demographics of a potential customer is crucial.

It also aids in reaching them and creating more business for your organization’s marketing efforts.

Because you now know more about marketing, you can better plan your efforts in this area.

As a result of my years of experience working with educational institutions, I’ve compiled a list of exceptional marketing methods that you may find useful in advertising your own college.

For your convenience, we’ve broken them down so you can put them into action right away:

Develop Your Buyer Persona – Digital Marketing For Edtech

Personas are useful when you want to concentrate on a specific set of people.

Creating distinct client personas will be really advantageous when it comes to digital marketing. Email marketing, social networking, and the creation of website content are all examples of such activities.

Education technology organisations may consist of a small number of individuals, or they may consist of a large number of individuals. Here are some facts to consider:

  • Instructors and administrators in educational institutions
  • Education in the primary and secondary levels, as well as postsecondary education
  • Locale refers to certain towns, districts, or states.

Additionally, you should create profiles for each of your personalities in addition to the very minimum requirements.

Create a Diverse Collection of Content – Digital Marketing For Edtech

Group of student are discussing about Digital Marketing For Edtech.
Picture by Pexels

Content marketing encompasses a wide range of activities such as ebooks, case studies, blog pieces, and social media postings.

You must constantly update your content in order to reach your personas at every point of the buyer’s journey.

Customers should have the option to get information on industry changes as well as information about your products and services.

Seek out people’s pain points and other concerns that lead them to look for a solution to their issue. (A lesson plan involving high school students may be the focus of a teacher’s attention.)

Your blog posts might serve as an introduction to your company’s product or service to new readers.

When it comes to the 80/20 rule, follow it to the letter.

At least 80% of your material should be of benefit to your readers in order to position oneself as a thought leader in the field.

You should devote another 20% of your time to marketing and selling your product or service.

An e-book or a guide can provide you with further in-depth knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

A case study or demonstration can persuade decision-makers who are ready to collaborate with your company.

Make sure they have access to an actual online lesson if you’re using a curriculum like blended learning.


A strategy for improving the performance of a website.

While it is ideal to consider your audience size while creating content, it is not always feasible.

In the absence of a clear understanding of what your characters are looking for online, your blog postings and other long-form material will go ignored.

You’re not writing to assist them in solving a problem; rather, you’re writing to provide them with entertainment while they read.

Your writing, in my opinion, could use some improvement.

First and foremost, keep in mind that search engines’ algorithms are always changing in response to user activity.

As a result of the introduction of voice search, many searches have become more conversational in nature.

Finding “education technology” might be accomplished by looking for anything specific, such as “video curriculum for 5th grade.”

Initially, focus on producing high-quality content, followed by more in-depth content that is related to your site (which may take numerous blog entries).

If search engines discover that your website is structured in this manner, you will receive an increase in visitors who are looking for specific information.


Engage in conversation with others.

It is more vital to have a social media presence than it is to simply have a social media presence.

With educational technology, you can reach an almost limitless number of people.

It is possible that reaching education professionals using LinkedIn will be more effective.

However, it’s probable that there are a significant number of additional Facebook users out there.

In addition to your website, prospective clients can find you on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Take note of whether or not they’re all sporting the same emblem and displaying the same text.

In order to respond to all communications received by your firm via social media, select a dedicated person to handle all of the conversations received.

People are rarely under the impression that you don’t care about them.

To conclude, concentrate your efforts on social media platforms where you are confident that you have a large following.

The following questions should be asked of yourself when preparing your social media strategy.

Are there any particular social media channels that are particularly popular among the people you aim to reach?

Are you attempting to communicate with administrators, educators, or students in some way?

Make use of the 80/20 rule once more, and make certain that your postings encourage individuals to return to your website.

While cat videos have a significant following, they have little to no impact on the financial line of your company.

Paid Advertisment – Digital Marketing For Edtech

Don’t be afraid to engage in paid advertisements.

Paid advertising is often overlooked in favour of more effective digital marketing strategies.

AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other paid advertising choices are available to you.

Impressive results can be obtained with an effective AdWords campaign.

Running a few ads for a short period of time could provide you with a wealth of information about your target audience.

Running a Facebook Ads campaign is significantly simpler than running a search engine marketing strategy.

Facebook gives you the ability to target people based on their job title, age, and geography.

You may also target people who have liked your page in the past, which is useful because organic content marketing is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses.

Remarketing Ads – Digital Marketing For Edtech

When compared to traditional digital advertising campaigns, remarketing advertisements are the most cost-effective method of increasing conversions due to their low ad prices and high return on investment.

Through the proper implementation of remarketing pixels on various platforms such as social media, search engines such as Google, and so on, advertising campaigns can assist you in increasing sales for your company at a low cost of acquisition.

Email Marketing – Digital Marketing For Edtech

Using e-mail for marketing objectives is a common practise.

Business owners can use lead generation advertising, online forms, and other tactics to generate leads from potential customers.

The other side of the coin is that nurturing your customers on a regular basis with relevant emails and promotional offers helps you create trust and produce income for your company.

Using email marketing automation, you can offer your products or bundles to clients on a regular basis and earn revenue for your company.

You can do this by segmenting your lists and upselling your existing customers.

Edtech sales strategies – Digital Marketing For Edtech

Teacher is teaching about Digital Marketing For Edtech to student
Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Marketing strategies, like their potential use in education, require a broader perspective to fully grasp.

That is, we must have a good handle on both EdTech business models and marketing funnels in order to be successful in this endeavour.

You can choose from a number of different EdTech business models depending on your target demographic.

Here are a few highlights to give you a flavour of what you may expect:

Teachers Freebies

Instructors should be able to use your product without having to pay for additional features and benefits if you provide a free basic version of it. Create a free, basic version for instructors that they can use.

A free version of the company’s software is available for use by professional educators and administrators through the MasteryConnect service.

When purchasing the Teacher Pro package, you will receive additional analytic and reporting possibilities.

Teachers and schools make use of Evernote’s discounted premium plan for teachers and schools.

Student-friendly companies provide a free plan with the opportunity to upgrade for individuals who desire more services later on.

Freemium for Colleges and Universities

Quizlet offers a free study plan to students in order to assist them in preparing for exams.

Users can upgrade to Quizlet Plus for a one-time charge of $19.99 each year.

With the premium subscription, you may create online study groups, use images in flashcard sets, and have advertisements removed.

Freemium for School

Another alternative is to use a freemium system at your school.

This method is more difficult to execute since it involves teachers and students in purchase decisions..

TeachBoost discovered that it was effective (a startup that helps instructors streamline their operations).

TeachBoost concentrates its efforts initially on school principals, who act as brand ambassadors and assist the company in gaining support from important decision-makers in their respective districts.

Providing Services to Other EdTech Firms

Several enterprises sell their products to other educational technology companies.

Consider offering your products for free to a select group of individuals while charging other businesses to distribute them on your behalf.

Because of this strategy, Clever has been able to develop its business and currently has a presence in approximately 70% of K-12 schools in the United States.

Clever is used by 89 out of the top 100 school districts in the US, according to the company’s website.

Conclusion – Digital Marketing For Edtech

Businesses that seek to expand their operations into the education industry stand to gain substantially.

Although the road ahead is not without its difficulties, they include the following:

For teachers, technology adoption is always a challenge since it interferes with their workflow and causes them to become more of a liability rather than an asset.

Depending on whether you sell to school districts or other large organisations that take a long time to make choices, your sales cycle could range anywhere from 9 to 18 months.

There must be a distinction drawn between those who must be persuaded at the outset and those who ultimately opt to buy.

Additionally, the requirements of these persons change throughout time.

In addition, school workers must be trained and informed about current events.

Though it has its share of challenges, education is one of the few businesses that have a direct impact on the lives of future generations, despite the fact that it faces a number of them.

You will be able to enlist the assistance of the appropriate individuals once you have overcome the “fragmentation barrier.”

The tactics used in teaching differ greatly depending on who is performing the teaching. Make sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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