Digital Marketing for Salons – Ultimate Guide for Salon Offer Ideas

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Table of Contents

hair cutting session is going on.
Digital marketing for salon

Do want digital marketing for salons?

Marketing is difficult for salon and spa owners.

You’re juggling a full client list, team management, and trying to keep clients coming in.

You may not have the time or finances to invest in complex marketing strategies.

So what? Marketingjini’s 7-step digital marketing for salons and spa’s will help you succeed online!

Create personas for your target audience.

Businesses frequently make the blunder of failing to identify their target audience.

First and foremost, I advise you to create audience profiles based on your current and possible future customers.

No need to go overboard (there are only three types of personalities).

But it does help you better understand your customers and identify the most effective methods of reaching out to them

Consider the following when creating your personas:

  • Who do we want to be our ideal customers?
  • What exactly do they do when they’re on the internet?
  • Why should you go with us?

For example, Rudra, a woman in her 20s or 30s who likes to shop online and use Instagram, is one of our characters.

We’ve established that the best way to get in touch with Rudra is through Instagram.

Knowing who you’re trying to reach will make it easier for you to do so.

Set a specific goals for digital marketing for salons

After determining your target demographic, set goals!

Is it to gain new clients or to retain existing ones and enhance rebooking rates?

We can get overwhelmed with where to begin and what to accomplish first, so keep it simple and pick an achievable and quantifiable objective.

For example, a simple Instagram post with an offer like ‘rebook your next appointment today and receive a free basin treatment next time’ can significantly raise rebooking rates.

If you want to attract new clients, you might make an introductory deal post offering prospective clients a discount if they like and share your post. Reward yourself when you reach your goals!

digital marketing for salons outlets for your target demographic.

Your marketing channels will be determined by your audience profiles, as you need to employ the channels most likely to reach them.

Make a killer marketing website best way of salon offer ideas.

First impressions matter both on and off the job.

It’s common for people to appraise your firm by its website.

In fact, 48% of people believe a company’s website design impacts its reputation, and consumers develop opinions in.05 seconds.

Top-notch websites include these features:

  • Resposive
  • Stunning visuals
  • Simple navigation

Website for hair salon promotion ideas. This includes a new website. For Salon, it must be:

Fast – A customer must see something happen on your website within three seconds of landing.

Slow loading times cause nearly half of users to back out.

Website safety Recent data privacy and consumer data breaches have raised concerns about online security

A secure website is a must.

Mobile-friendly – 67% of Salon company searches and 71% of exterminator searches are done on mobile devices.

That means your Salon website must be responsive.

The text and links should be visible without squinting.

How simple it is to call you, schedule an appointment, and leave.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Digital marketing for salons includes SEO. It is the process of optimising your website for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So it is the method to boost your salon’s online visibility.

  • Online visibility boost
  • Your website will be ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Visible online gives you a big competitive advantage.
  • More relevant website traffic
  • Expand your salon’s social networks

Salon offer ideas

Offers 3 for 2 at supermarkets

Is it a deal? Technically, sure, but your client has to pay more to earn the discount.

If you merely give a discount on one treatment or product, the client may already have purchased it and is simply saving money.

To get the deal, customers have to pay twice as much or more.

To maintain your margins, if your offer allows you to buy three treatments or goods, make sure the “free” item is the lowest cost.

Plans for Referrals is best salon marketing ideas

“A referral is the best flattery.”

While nothing beats an unexpected referral, there’s nothing wrong with encouraging your clients to recommend you to a friend or family member.

Remember that these new consumers frequently become your most loyal repeat customers.

Make some recommendation cards as Eve Salon & Beauty Bar did above.

You can personalise these cards and give them to your clients to give to their friends and family.

You can offer a room for your client to write their friend’s name so it feels like a gift and is truly individualised.

If you really want to boost your recommendations, combine the referral card with an offer like the one in Point 1 above for a free upgrade or add-on for both parties.

Add value rather than reduce cost – the small treatment’s power!

We all like a little extra. In reality, research shows that we are significantly more driven by experiencing benefits than monetary savings.

Rather than simply charging less, why not give more?

A tiny bonus treatment or upgrade is viewed as a luxury experience and valued significantly higher than a bargain by a customer.

The notion is that by offering the upgrade or add-on for free this time, the client feels truly valued and will return to book it and pay full price next time.

Actual case study…

A year ago, while I sat in my usual hair salon, my stylist asked if I would want a complimentary 10-minute head massage midway through my appointment.

Who wouldn’t say yes?

When I return, they always ask if I want a 10, 15, or 20-minute head massage. I know it will cost me more… but I always say yes (and usually to the 20 minutes one).

Sunday, Monday… hair salon advertising ideas

Have you ever wondered about Happy Hour?

It is a slower period for restaurants and pubs as people leave work to go home.

However, cunning bar owners make offers to draw visitors in for a few drinks on their way home, hoping they will remain for a few more drinks and possibly dinner after the first couple of inexpensive drinks!

Like other salons, you probably have a calmer day of the week.

So, make this your Happy Day! That said, you may make this into your most popular day by leveraging your social media profiles to create a buzz.


Spread the word that if you book on that day, you will get a special reward.

The reward may be an upgrade, a product sample jar, or even a free glass of bubbly (check your local licencing laws).

Whatever you pick, let them know they’ll get something extra just for booking on that day.

Perfect Packaging! Hair salon promotion ideas

Women is cutting her hairs in salon

Encourage your clients to spend more but get more in return.

Working with several Day Spas, I’m always amazed by how much revenue Day Packages generate.

Day Spa packages typically include the usage of amenities (pool, sauna, steam room), entrance to a thermal area, or even a meal in their cafe or restaurant.

Salons can do the same.

You may not be able to give a meal or access to a thermal area, but why not build a package of treatments or services that you can promote in your salon, on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

Make it entertaining and fresh by offering a celebrity-themed package every month.

Maybe a celebrity hairstyle, a makeover, or a spray tan?

Maybe a healthy smoothie if the celeb is known for living a healthy lifestyle, or a glass of bubbly if they enjoy a beverage.

Buy 10 Get 1 Free – The Loyalty Scheme

Using the concept of spending more to get more, you might construct a basic card-based loyalty programme.

Every time a client has a treatment, their ‘Loyalty Card’ is stamped or signed. If they collect 10 stamps ( 5, 15, or 20), their next treatment is free.

Clients receive their incentive after a few days, but it is a terrific method to establish client loyalty and keep them coming back to spend money with you.

Suggestion’s Power – Salon offer ideas

How to ask a question well can have tremendous commercial rewards.

You probably already ask each customer to arrange their next appointment after they pay for their treatment or service.

Clients usually say yes approximately 50% of the time.

Instead of just asking “would you like to book in for your next visit?” consider asking “may I book you in for your next aromatherapy facial on the 20th at 3 pm?”

It’s amazing how quickly a small change in words can generate an image in your client’s head of receiving that treatment and all the related wonderful feelings.

That image in their mind is far harder to reject than a hazy idea of rescheduling at some indeterminate future date.

Allow me to coin the term ‘specificity’, i.e. being specific about what they are booking rather than being vague.

Just ask more precise questions and watch your rebooking rate skyrocket!

Bingo Treatment – Salon offer ideas

Similar to Point 7’s straightforward loyalty card, but with a twist.

Instead of allowing your customer to pick their own treatments and getting a stamp for each one, the treatment bingo card contains a pre-determined list of treatments that they must complete to receive their reward.

You’ll be asking your clients to undergo procedures they may not have picked for themselves, so the incentive may need to be more unique.

Your consumers will not only spend more, but they will also try treatments they may not have had previously or would not typically have.

They may discover a new favourite therapy or therapist and return for more.

Social Media Marketing


We adore it! This is where our younger clientele spends time, therefore we constantly provide compelling material via Instagram posts and stories.

Instagram stories have allowed us to be more real and show off our wonderful work. 

People buy from people, not stuff, thus we prefer to engage both our existing and potential clients through before and after photos, hair tutorials, product reviews, quizzes, polls, and reels!


For our elder (30-50) clients, we utilise Facebook to display images of our work and updates regarding bookings and products sold online or in the studio.

We linked our Instagram and Facebook accounts so that when we publish on Instagram, it automatically posts to our Facebook page.

E-mail Marketing

To market to its clients. We use the built-in Mailchimp integration to deliver our clients weekly studio updates.

This is a great feature that some salons miss, but reaching out to both current and past clients with an appealing offer may be quite beneficial.

Prepare your digital marketing for salons content ahead of time

Once you’ve identified your target demographic and the best means to reach them, it’s time to plan, create, and schedule your content.

Use an online design tool like Canva to produce content quickly and for free.

Using a social media planning programme like a buffer

You can upload and schedule a month’s worth of posts in only a few hours.

Applications include free and basic plans that help you with hashtags and new client discovery.

Helping you to save time and money while achieving your marketing goals.

Salon staff plan and schedule social media

PPC Marketing

Most of us use our phones, tablets, or laptops to search Google for information.

This includes online shoppers and those seeking a hair service.

There are few locations online or anyplace else where you may find ready-to-buy customers actively looking for you.

Google AdWords lets you bid on specific search keywords to deliver targeted traffic to your website.

For example, you can show your ad when someone searches for ‘Best hair salons in Boston’ and connect them to your website.

Depending on your competitors, a click to your website could cost anything from $1.00 to $5.00.

We all know that tiny investment can lead to a lifelong customer.

If you aren’t using Google AdWords, your competition probably is and is taking your clients.

You can even construct a campaign that only charges you when someone phones you.

Then, when people search for ‘best hair salons’, your phone number ad will appear, allowing them to call you immediately and arrange an appointment.

Evaluate and adjust your digital marketing for salons impact

Digital marketing for salons requires tracking, measuring, and analysing results.

This is why I adore Google Analytics.

It’s free to use and install on your website (you may need to ask your developer or web provider for assistance)

And it lets you track all visitors to your site, where they came from, and what they do when they arrive.

Google Analytics lets you observe where visitors leave your site and how long they stay on each page.

You may also discover how they reached your site: Google, email, social media, or digital advertising.

This will show you which channels and digital marketing for salons activities drive the most website traffic and online reservations.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data that can help you improve your website’s conversion rate from new client inquiries to salon bookings.

Salon ad ideas

Empty salon
Photo by Delbeautybox from Pexels

Finding a new salon to trust with my hair involves time, effort, and risk.

Forget about finding the right salon if you’re like my great colleague Allen.

To get my hair trimmed, I often fly back to Bhubaneswar (yep, 6.5 hours for a haircut).

I’m mad.

But if you manage a salon, you want to stand apart from the throng!

Consider these salon ad ideas to increase your customer base and stay on top of your game.

Example: You could find in the given link


So there you have it, Marketingjini’s 7-step digital marketing for salons and spas!

These seven ideas for digital marketing for salons will save you time and money.

Talk to our best salon marketing ideas mentor for more expert advice.

For more information on paid digital advertising, see our online advertising guide.

Contact us for more information.

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